Urgent! Web Files App, Favorites Links unresponsive after update to 27

I just updated from 26.0.2 to 27 and noticed files app in browser when I click any of my favorite links, nothing happens. When I hover over the links I see the correct URL, but clicking on them nothing happens. All the favorite links are unresponsive.

Have tried in Firefox latest version and MS Edge latest version. Same, favorites links unresponsive.

Same here.

I understand the dev team is busy, but this is core functionality that is broken in nextcloud 27. As nextcloud does not implement a tree view in the left panel I rely on favorites. Since v27 I have to click back to root and many clicks to traverse the levels. Not fun.

Until this is patched, is there a workaround like fixing the onclick handler. Can someone provide the code and the file to fix.

Thank you.

No, not needed:

Click ON Favorites, (not on the expand [>]/[v] button):

  • the Favorites are listed in main window, where you can click and open them.
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very weird but I can confirm that this works. it’s really confusing though UX-wise because previously I would click on “Favorites” and then on a folder that showed up in the next view and it should go to that folder. but now it says “no favorites yet” (which is clearly wrong). what is the "no favorites yet trying to tell me? is it saying that I haven’t saved shortcuts which it’s calling “favorites” in that particular folder? such a bizarre decision to implement that behavior

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