Urgent Backup Download Needed but keeps Timeing Out

HI Guys
I make a backup of my hosting via WebDAV to my Nextcloud folder called Backup.
I urgently need the file 8gb to restore some data.
I shared a link to my Dev it fails so i tried it also fails.
I tried to add it to sync it fails.
Really need some help I started a download at 09:45 today to capture a good time line on for the logs. It fails after 7 minutes.

From Admin i see this error
The only log that was updated on the Unraid NC Docker logs was access and this is the log here

Also i can see a 503 error in the desktop sync activity tab see here

Please can you help me get this fixed guys/girls?

I think it is not a good idea to backup a 8 GB file to nextcloud and access it with “remote.php” (WebDAV). Do you not have sftp or ftp? Then you can backup the file on another location or download it now directly from your nextcloud-path.

Another problem can be the filenname (because file not found). Perhaps you can rename it to magento.tar.gz and then test again.


BearCloud redirect to https://nextcloud.com and not to your cloud.
You can configure it at https://nextcloud.daddycloud.co.uk/settings/admin/theming

Also you use Nextcoud 18 ( https://nextcloud.daddycloud.co.uk/status.php ) Perhaps you like to upgrade to Nextcloud 19.

HI devnull
I have a host that charges for backup space. So in cPanel i saw WebDav which i was told was safer than ftp or sftp which is an option as well.
I have renamed it goes a little longer but stops at 2gb no failure just stops!!!
See new error page here
I have continued to press start about 6 times and now it has downloaded.
Cheers for your speedy reply i have fixed the redirect to my address.
Re Update i have the Docker version of Unraid and there is no update yet?
I have linuxserver/nextcloud which updated yesterday but it is still on 18 i think!
I really need to be able to download a version from 5 Aug 2020 which i have renamed like you said.
What would the best way for me to automatically backup to Nextcloud is it sftp?
Is there any guides on how to set up this on NC?