Uploads to sftp external storage incredibly slow

On both the official VM (virtualbox) image and offfical Docker Nextcloudpi container (x86), uploads to external sftp storage are incredibly slow.

For example doing a manual sftp upload, across the same servers of a 4 meg file takes about 20 seconds. Done via NC using the web gui it takes 45 mins… (longer? I stopped waiting).

It looks like it just very slowly updates the file being copied with a ocTransferId1138404966.part extension, until done.

I can’t find anything in any performance settings or setup that would clearly accelerate this. I’ve found a few messages from others complaining of this but no resolution… is this a bug or is there some tweak that can be done?


Hello ncdocker,

I have the same problem. I have nc 18.0.7 with an external storage (NAS) connected over sftp.
If I want to change only a folder, nc need 14 seconds to display the files in this folder.

If I connect with sftp with e.g. filezilla, I see the content of a folder immediatly.

Have you find a solution for this problem?