Uploading small individual files fails

I’m running latest Nextcloud13 on Apache2.4 on Ubuntu 16.04, with no data folder encryption. I can upload very small files (including drag-drop with Dropit) but find anything over 1 Mb gets stuck on the Uploading.. bar:


I can’t think why this would fail for such small files. In my settings it reads Upload max size: 511 MB. I’m just uploading single file, not a batch. Any suggestions? Perhaps linked to Max Execution Time: 3600?

I also tried adding the desktop client and syncing. It fails with the following log entry:

||myfile.pdf|INST_NEW|Up|1525181139||5332492||1|Connection closed|0|0|0|||INST_NONE|
#=#=#=# Syncrun finished 2018-07-11T01:03:10 (last step: 58 msec, total: 218 msec)
#=#=#=# Syncrun started 2018-07-11T01:04:44
#=#=#=#=# Propagation starts 2018-07-11T01:04:44 (last step: 102 msec, total: 102 msec)
#=#=#=# Syncrun finished 2018-07-11T01:04:44 (last step: 10 msec, total: 113 msec)

Very grateful for assistance.

Uploading ‘how’ by merely using the + file upload to a ‘local’ folder? Ah, the Nextcloud client ‘synch’. Well try it without the Nextcloud client by using the + folder drop-down menu ‘upload’ file to see what its response is.

Same with the flowupload addon tool response?

What is the total shared files numbers and look also at the sub-directory depth levels you are expecting Nextcloud to dig down to as both of those can serve to slow down transfers IMO.

If its only happening with the Nextcloud Client ‘Synch’ approach that might serve useful for others to help you. If the same delay is found across other means to remotely upload files and folders using the + for uploading files and the flowupload addon tool to upload entire folders containing many sub-folders filled with files, that is helpful also.

Hi. Actually this is failing every way I try, including using the + upload method, drag-and-drop, and using the desktop client. Both the former methods hang with the icon I reported above. The client fails with that log entry.

This is a fresh installation with plenty of storage space and very few files. It is happening on single-file uploads - no subfolders or multiple file collections.

Hi diplodata,
Thank-you for confirming your problem is not limited to a single approach and hence being able to drill down on that sole tool and approach. With your following and testing out the multiple suggested approach your problem appears systemic across the board with all commonly used approaches to merely upload files to your Nextcloud server remotely.

If you are able to test uploading files locally via a LAN or even on the server itself via the servers local IP itself to login, example 192.168.1.x:80 and instruct your browser to use advance – then select yes use a insecure connection on this LAN/Local test. Login locally and transfer a handful of single files and if you use the flowupload tool, use that also on some folders containing files.

Thanks for suggestion 360CNN. Firstly this is going to be problematic as the server is inside a secure cloud infrastructure which forces https, so at the least this will require architectural changes to test. Secondly I wonder how likely it is that the broader server architecture is at fault, considering that small files upload via all methods without problem (even in bulk). If there were a checklist of things to look for in the Nextcloud/Apache config files I suspect that’s where the problem lies.

I should add - I’ve narrowed the effective file size limit to 1Mb. Files just under that upload. Anything just over fails.

Problem identified as the NGINX proxy server’s default 1Mb maximum file size. So nothing to do with Nextcloud.