Uploading session

hi there, I love using nextcloud platform, I’m already using it on my own company, I would like to know about something that a feature when uploading a file, if we refresh the page,the uploading file will cancel.but in google drive we can refresh the page without interruption of transfer.is there any solution for this.
thank you

Why are you refresh the page? That makes no sense.

Perhaps you like the following app: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/flowupload

tnx for reply,app that you sent me is very usefull,
if i want to go to another directory while uploading?

You can open another browser tab. Copy url from acutal tab to another tab. Because of cookies you do not need to login again. Sometimes it does not work. Perhaps it works with the app “flowupload”.

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do you have any link to how to configure “flowupload”

Check-out the repository of the developer, afaik you should find all available information there: https://github.com/e-alfred/flowupload

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