Uploading photos through web interface on iOS hashes filenames

Nextcloud version: 17.0.0
Operating system and version: FreeBSD 11.2
Apache or nginx version: Apache 2.4
PHP version: 7.2

When I upload photos via the web interface on iOS (e.g. when clicking on a link to a shared folder which then opens in Safari), the filenames of the uploaded images become a long has (e.g. 00DF3CD4-F454-4BC3-A1F1-B701751792FF.jpeg).
I would expect them to be named like the original file (e.g. the name which is displayed when accessing the photos on the iPhone in Windows Explorer, e.g. IMG_0014.JPG). If this is not possible due to restrictions on iOS, it would at least be good to be able to select a different naming scheme, e.g. choosing a prefix and an increasing number or something like that.

Thank you but this problem has already been addressed several time :wink:

Thank you very much, I tried searching different things like “original filename” or “hashed filenames” but I couldn’t find any of the topics. Sorry

Never mind :+1:

Oh, wait, these posts are regarding the iOS app, but I’m not talking about the app, I’m talking about the web interface (which I use on iOS)!
I am ok with the app, just not with the web interface (if I share folders with friends, they don’t want to install the app just to upload a couple of files once, they use the web interface).

Good point, but as far as I know files are not automatically renamed when they are uploaded?! Unfortunately I cannot double-check it because I’m not using iOS devices.

Hi, I want to push this topic, since I have the same issue.

Uploading photos via the web interface in iOS Safari Browser (NOT App) results in un-decipherable file names. Uploading via the App works different and allows for changing the naming scheme.
The App is however not usable for folders shared with non-registered users.

I see the problem of „hash-file-names“ as a (possibly iOS-related) bug on the nextcloud server side. At least original file names should be used.

Ideally however there should be an additional page shown after photo selection and before upload with options to customize the naming of photos. (Similar to iOS App)

What do you think of adding these two issues to nextclouds „server“ repo on github?