Uploading media through iOS Photos App share sheet converts HEIC to JPG

For some reason, Nextcloud iOS app doesn’t follow neither iOS nor Nextcloud client configuration with respect to media conversion when uploading photos (and videos) through iOS Photos App.

Current configuration :

  • iOS Settings :
    – Settings β†’ Photos β†’ Mac or PC transfer : Keep originals selected
    – Settings β†’ Camera β†’ Formats : High efficiency selected
  • Nextcloud iOS client :
    – Settings β†’ Automatic send β†’ Automatically upload photos and videos selected
    – Settings β†’ Advanced β†’ Most compatible deactivated

Expected behavior :

  • Photos saved to the HEIC format in the camera roll should be uploaded as HEIC when using the Photos App share sheet to upload to a specific Nextcloud folder

Actual behavior :

  • Photos are automatically converted to JPG format and an apparent conversion is also applied to videos to encode them back from Apple High Efficiency format (HEI?) back to .MOV files as well.

Nextcloud server is a 22.2.0 β€œStable” instance running on physical Ubuntu 20.04, is up to date has been correctly setup to handle HEIC files (thumbnails are showing and images are correctly displayed in Nextcloud’s web app).

Is there a way to report this issue?

Thanks in advance,

P.S. : I have found at least one other thread mentioning the issue but, apparently, the OP question was never understood and never answered either.

P.P.S. : config parameters name may not be exact in English as everything runs in French here. :slight_smile:

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