Uploading Files to server but cannot see in Web UI and Vice Versa

I am able to copy files from a flash drive to my /nexcloud/data directory, however, these files do not appear in the webUI. When I add or delete a file from the web UI, I cannot see the changes made on the server side.

I have tried running sudo -u www-data php /var/www/nextcloud/occ files:scan --al however this doesn’t seem to do anything.

Thanks in advance!

Hi please be more specific. If the files you uploaded via webui are ok, you’re looking in a wrong place for data on your server.
Try to ls /var/www/nextcloud/ or something like this ! or give us more details !

I presume you did not have the typo --al in when you tried running the occ command?

Where exactly where you copying the files to? Just dropping them into the data directory directly won’t do any good - files live in subdirectories for each individual user. As @nso said - more information would be helpful.

So my issue is that I can upload files to the WebUI (drag them onto the screen and they will be present), and they will be present when I check on my server.

However, when I try to scp a file over to the server from my local machine, the file appears in my server, but doesn’t appear in the webUI.

If this is more clear :slight_smile:

check the files permissions : to scp a file to nextcloud data folder you have to be logged under root or nextcloud or www-data and the files should have the following permissions nextcloud:www-data or www-data:www-data.
and you can also try smthg like occ files:scan --all