Uploading files larger than 20 GB fails

files larger than 20 GB are uploaded with size 0 both via web and client.
At the same time, I can go to the version of the file and from there I can already download this file.

The details (Operating System, Webserver, PHP, Logfiles etc.) are missing here.

I would be very happy to help, but this two sentences are - to me at least - absolutely incomprehensible even after reading it several times.

Could you be a little more verbose please?

Sorry, now I will try to give a more detailed answer.
operating system - ubuntu
nextcloud unrolled via snap

I’ll try to describe everything in more detail.

when I upload files to the cloud up to 20GB in size, I can also successfully download them to any of my devices through the site or through the windows client.
when I upload files larger than 20GB to the cloud, when I try to download to any computer, I get a file about a byte in size. BUT if you go through the site and see the properties of the file - then select the version - the arrow for downloading the first version - voila, the file download is normal.
All these download errors occur randomly, I can delete it and download it again and everything will be fine.
what log files need to be uploaded here?

Wrong category / sub category.

I’m out, since snap is not my world. Sorry.

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anyway thanks for the reply :wink: