Uploading fails time and again

Today I tried to upload pictures from my vacation. Out of maybe 10 pictures I have shared to the Nextcloud app only one was actually uploaded after pressing the upload button. Sometimes I tried one picture multiple times and it didn’t trigger any actions on the app. Same I have seen for other files like videos. I have not discovered the circumstances where the app uploads files and when it fails. My only workaround is to retry until something happens. Is there anything I am missing?

Do you have the latest version installed? I’m using
Nextcloud Android App, version 3.2.2 and
Nextcloud Android App, version 20180811 (dev)
I just tested both with success.
Can you exclude other reasons (bad internet connection)?
The automatic upload feature may be limited to work only with wifi connections.
Juergen (not the dev but passionate user :slight_smile:

Hi Juergen,
thanks for you help! I am on version 3.2.2 for the Android app but I have seen this on previous versions as well. I often upload pictures to the same folder which is on external storage <- could this be the culprit? There has always been some percentage of pictures missed no matter which connection I was using. There is an uploads folder in my app that lists all attempts. I would have expected to see some failed attempts for the pictures I am missing but no trace can be seen there.
Currently I am connected to wifi on the local network. It’s basically the same network the server is hooked up to.

Hi daren,
during the past days I had an eye on the behaviour of both apps regarding automatic upload.
Your are right, sometimes the uploading procedure fails and a has to be manually initiated. Strange but I think the devlopers must act here. I will try to recognize a pattern what causes the failures. For now I saw it happen only outside my WiFi network.

Do you have the NC file (virus) scanning module active? if so, try switching it off and see if the upload works again, it’s a common system configuation error. When configurered incorrectly you get a time out and/or connection error, has nothing to do with the NC app or NC itself.
Please let me know if it solved your issue.

Hi Fred,
no such thing in place here, neither on the Android nor on the server side. With all the updates since my first post I can report the problem still persists. I am seeing this phenomenon on all Android devices we have in use. Unfortunately, I could not identify a pattern yet. It seems to be independent of the connection used.
Maybe one thing worth to mention: We often use one and the same folder on external storage for the upload, which means in most cases we just press share without having to navigate on the server file structure. Once I happen to have a file that fails to upload multiple times in a row, I noticed that changing the folder back and forth before sharing often triggers the upload.

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Hi, 3.11 on a Huwei P10
Have to restart the upload over and over again. a few images are uploaded and then the process stops.
I have set “run in background” and “do not check energy saving” to be sure.
even if the phone is charging it stops

may be it works as long as nextcloud is the “active” app ?

That has been my experience ferdiga.

may be the app could/should try to restart the upload if it fails for whatever reason.

finally -
I set display option “sleep” to never - and now the uploads are progressing.
obviously this can only be done if the phone is connected to power.
Hope this is helpful

BTW - I do not have this problem on a Nokia 8

Ferdiga: Background App refresh was turned on, using my iPhone 11, latest ios. My files seemed to have synced / repaired on it’s own after checking at the end of the day. For me, there seemed to be a premature “files synced” in the ios client and I needed more patience.