Uploading and sharing files

In our Dropbox we have 3 directories, say user#1, user#2 and users#1&2.
The directory users#1&2 contains files which belong to user#1 and user#2.
I want to upload these files to NC. What is the best way to share the files to user#1 and user#2?

Guido van Harten


If you would like to do that as a third person (maybe as admin user of Nextcloud), simply upload the folder user#1&2 to nextcloud and share this folder with user1 and user2. You can select the option “Allow edit” which grants the permission to create, change and delete files in this folder.

Another option:
user1 uploads the folder and shares it with user2 or visa vi.

Last option I can think of:
create a group folder and assign this folder to these users (via a group).