Upload via Android App

I installed Nextcloud a few days ago on a Ubuntu 20.04 VM for testing. The installation was no problem, the system works fine.
But there’s one issue: While uploading files via Nextcloud Android App, the data is stored in the Android storage folder (…/Android/media/com.nextcloud.client) additionally. For me, it makes no sense because I want to load data (e.g. photos) to the server to avoid data storage on my phone. But now the data is stored twice on my smartphone, once in my photo gallery and additionally in the local Nextcloud folder.

Is it possible to disable that functionality? I did not found any approach to solving that problem.

Thanks for your support.

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Unfortunately that’s currently impossible. You can only select where the app should store its data, so that you can e.g. move it to your external sd card.

I had the same issue. But in fact, there is a solution: choosing the “delete file” option in the auto-upload settings for that folder. In fact, that only “deletes” the file in /android/media/com.nextcloud.client, but not in the camera folder e.g.

Now I found out that only works when the camera-folder is on the SD-Card. Maybe because the Nextcloud-App can’t delete on the SD-Card. If the Camera-folder is on the internal-device, the delete-option only deletes in the camera-folder on the internal-device, but keeps the file in /android/media/com.nextcloud.client.

That’s really not a useful behaviour!
At least, deleting files in android/media/com.nextcloud.client seems to have no negative consequences.


Don’t sync, use the upload feature only.

I use Nextcloud for this very same reason. Like Google Photo alternative where I off load all my data out from my phone and onto my Nextcloud server.

Android app gives you following options,

  1. Keep the data in phone as is.
  2. Delete the data once it’s uploaded
  3. Sync between that Nextcloud server and your phone.

Don’t sync, as that will download stuff onto your phone.

Android app supports auto uploading, so once it is configured, it can run in background upload new stuff as they appear on your auto upload configured folder.