Upload to specific folder only

i am new to next cloud, and i have some issues with configuring.

we have created several accounts for our coleagues, created a specific folder in each account. then shared this file across the users.

i need to do the following:

  • restrict the account to be able to upload files and folders only to the shared folder, and not to root
  • get some notification when someone uploads something to the shared folder.


I think normally it is not possible. But maybe you can set the user quota to 0 B (0 bytes) and use for the folder not a normal folder but a Group folder from an admin.
Also you can use the app Guests. But then you must re-create the users. Also guest users seems only to be able to login with email and not with username.

Nextcloud is a collaboration software and not an upload/download service. I think thats the reason because of leaving this feature.