Upload to nextcloud from url


anyway if you have YT related errors @Lars_M then you have to update your youtube-dl: youtube-dl -U


Really, i think app related the java script file is missing.


Damn i forgot to install youtube-dl… All things working.

But can’t play the video on the server. Maybe this error


NO this error ^^

Unable to resolve the correct YouTube video URL


Hello HI YO I did it :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:

Admin settings
Additional settings
This by ocDownloader
YouTube DL binär Pfad:
usr/bin/youtube-dl :point_left:

now I can Youtube ^^

But maximum 720p

but what is 1440p? Does it work?

And can one still change name change?

The youtube-dl has problems with special characters in connection with Nextcloud

this Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PPXNVRuEas

has 1440p and “vergessen! :star2: HORIZON” With the star problems …

It does not appear in Nextcloud folder -.-


is that possible ?

Name itself? and Check name for special characters?
And menu to the selection?


Just to reanimate the discussion:

What about a core feature to upload files from an URL? Maybe like this:

And maybe additionally, drag and drop of an URL could work like drag and drop of a file via web ui.


@NextGeneration @Peto_Linux_Kovac @unsir @Lars_M

guys - what i do not understand… if you worked so hard to make it run under nextcloud why not doing a full portation to NC-apps so that everyone could use it?


We’ve discussed adding things in that area before and generally @jan is not in favour as it gets cluttered quite quickly.


I see the point, but IMHO a simple direct upload of a single file from an URL would be expected there.

Not that I am understood wrong, I don’t vote for functions like these in ocDownloader, I just looked for an idea or function to transfer files directly from an URL to my cloud space (i. e. via tablet) without a detour and found this discussion.


It’s absolutely fine if functionality like that is made available as an app. Simply publish it on https://apps.nextcloud.com :slight_smile:


Yeah simply… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I would, if I could.

I thought, it would be a good idea to have a chance to upload a remote file als an alternative to download it, save it on the harddisk and upload it then via the upload dialog. But if nobody has the need for this…

But for my curiosity: It is possible to create an app, which enhances the ±menu with items and its own funcionality?


Regarding ocDownloader: One of the major problems is the fact that the original author changed to CC-BY-SA in one of his last commits which is not allowed in the Nextcloud app store. I took the last version licensed under the AGPL and with the help of @Nibbels we improved it quite a bit. Here is the repo with several improvements (the original author announced a completely new version but sadly vanished into thin air shortly afterwards long ago):

If somebody wants to help out, we would be very happy about that. I would like to publish it to the app store soon.

Aside from that, a “download from link” option in the “+” menu existed a long time ago in the OC days and was removed because of security concerns. Here is the link:



thanks man! nice work and good to see that the ocdownloader is under development again!


ocDownloader can now be found on the app store: https://apps.nextcloud.com/apps/ocdownloader


Yes, I like your App.


Yea its not published am i missing something or is this app dead???


@Max_Grossman, which NC version are you running?
If you follow the above link to the app, you see:


Meaning the app won’t show up for the admin in the app section on a server with NC14 and NC15.


Firstly thank you for the quick response;
But doesn’t it stop at nextcloud 13 (I’m running nextcloud 15) . Is there a way to get it for current versions or is there any development for newer versions? or is it not being worked on? just curios would love this feature!


Issues have already been raised for the missing compatibility with NC14 and NC15:
NC14: https://github.com/e-alfred/ocdownloader/issues/94
NC15: https://github.com/e-alfred/ocdownloader/issues/107

The maintainer mentioned to be very busy right now:

However, the community is trying to help out already and created a new branch which had the last changes 10 days ago:

Unfortunately the rework does not work successfully yet:

Looks like you have to wait a little longer. But a new version supporting NC14 and NC15 is about to come soon.