Upload speed glitches (inconstant speed)


Dear all

I’ve deployed nextcloud on-premises and I’m facing inconstant upload speeds, either through internet or through LAN connections, as can be seen per attached screenshots.

In fact, it happens with two nextcloud instances I’ve deployed (in two different physical servers). They have plenty of computing power available, and powerful SSD’s. There’s absolutely no reason for a such intermitent uploading speeds.

Any clues on that?

Like this it is hard to tell. If you pass through the client, it splits large files, so the peaks could correspond to such a file part. To debug this further, I’d directly use webdav and transfer a large file. Then check the processes on your server (cpu, ram, i/o, …).

To get a benchmark, I’d monitor a transfer via SFTP first. That way you also exclude other network problems.