Upload Speed 2,4 MBit/sec

I installed nextcloud 14 on an netgear 10200 nas.
It works quite good but i think it may be something wrong in the upload speed
the server is in my local network with the fixed ip
I use the windows client on my laptop with the fixed ip
It is a gigabit network.
Now i want to copy my videos with 120Gb to the server
When i use the normal copy-function in the windows explorer the speed is about 45 MBit/sec
if I used the synchronization of nextclown, the speed is around 2.4 Mbit / sec
Is this correct?
a mistake in the configuration?
Thanks in advance

You read easy old school english from germany 40 years ago with no speaking practize

The speed is slower compared to windows explorer (smb2 or 3).
The nextcloud is using a webdav interface.
NAS systems are optimised for smb connections.

But I have no numbers for you to compare.

To see whether it is an issue with NC somehow (which I doubt) use the upload function through the web browser and monitor your network speed. If this the same SMB (or faster) then you know NC is not the issue.