Upload progress bar on public area

Hello !

Some of my public users would like to have an idea of the progress of uploading their files so, I would like to add a progress bar during the upload on a shared link like in the connected area.

Is it possible? If yes, has anyone ever done it?

I use Nexcloud 11.0.2 on Debian 8/Appache 2.4/MariaDB.

thanks for your helping !


Thanks for bringing this to my attention. Didn’t know there was no progress bar for public uploads…

Same issue here, Some of my anonymous users could send big files (up to 5GB) and not knowing the status is a big issue.
Workaround for the moment is a password protected public folder, but it’s not really optimal, as the users can see all the uploaded files.

Is it a feature that we could see in a next release?


I think not knowing the upload status makes the anonymous upload pretty much pointless.
Regardless of filesize, some users simply expect a progress bar to know that the upload is in progress…

I believe this is also causing some issues for us. I think adding this feature would make things seem a lot easier for our end users.
I see it’s already in the works on their issue tracker: https://github.com/nextcloud/server/issues/1205
Milestone: Nextcloud 12.