Upload-Plugin for Shutter?

Does someone know a plugin for shutter (Linux) screenshotprogram to upload screenshots to nextcloud and have the link in the program available?

Maybe helpful pluginwritingtemplate: http://j.mp/2xRQzLe

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Isn’t putting the screenshot folder as a sync folder with the nextcloud app a working solution?

Not realy. Many steps are requierd

Make screenscot - Open Nemo - Search the folder - Search the last saved file - Rightclick and open sharedialog - Copy url to clipboard

ah ok, I see you want a imgur like behavior in shutter. That would be interesting.

Yes, that would be great. But i have no idea how to do this.

Reviving this thread to discuss options…

  1. Take screenshot in Shutter
  2. Shutter saves image directly to Nextcloud
  3. Nextcloud generates a shared url
  4. /preview is appended to the url.
  5. Url is copied to the clipboard
  6. Optionally, Shutter give user some notification of success.
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