Upload only Pictures and Videos


i want to use the Nextcloud only for sharing Pictures and Videos with my Family and Friends.
I have tried a lot around with the Files Access Control but i think im to stupid to understand it.

Can someone explain me how i have to set the Files Access Control that all Users can only upload
all kind of Picture and Video Files. All Other files should be blocked.

Thanks a lot

umm… referring to the manual it seems pretty easy.

so something like file mime/type - is not - video/mp4 might block everything other than just mp4. which means: you’d need to setup rules for every filetype that is allowed to be uploaded.

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Hi, thanks for your reply,

in fact it works as described, but there seems a problem.
If I create a simple rule like

file mime/type - is not - image/jpeg

then i can only upload “jpeg” files to the main user directory as expected, but i cannot browse in the directorys, add new folders and all these file operations anymore.

What im doing wrong?

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i think this is no problem of file access control… maybe it would be better to open a new thread for it.
in the meanwhile i’d suggest to play around with apps group-folder or circles

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But the problem only occurs if i set this rule in file access control.
Without this rule i can browse normally the directorys and do all file operations.

I know Circles and Group Folders, but i cant find an option to restrict upload to certain file types.

Thanks in Advance

Anyone here with a solution for me? I have tried so much things, but no success.