Upload files with ftp to data directory

Is it possible to uplaod files with ftp to the nextcloud directory?
I want to upload a ~ 600MB files, but I get a “Bad Gateway” in nextcloud GUI, Webdav does also not work. PHP Upload File size is 1024MB

Thats why I treid with ftp, but the files are not “visible” in the nextcloud folders…

Any ideas?

Yes that doesn’t work as Nextcloud only shows files that are also mentioned in the database.

have you tried this app for large file uploads:

Great! Works like a charm…

i can’t figure out how to install. this is not in the +apps area so it must be unofficial/unsupported but i"m quite desperate and happy to find any way at all to quickly upload my initial massive file upload… any help appreciated. I’ve tried FTP but after uploading it all (took like a full day) the files were not recognized on NC… :frowning: thanks

Are you on the Nextcloud13 beta?

Because for Nextcloud12 it is in the +apps area. Look under the Tools section.

For Nextcloud 13 you will have to wait for an update from the author.

I found it but the problem is that you cannot seem to drop folders on there, just files. I need a place that will quickly upload an entire directory stack (like FTP). When I dragged a folder onto this it wouldn’t do anything… :frowning:

configure you ftp-server so that it (securely) allows access to nc’s datadir (this is completely independent of nc). use your ftp-client of choice (maybe one that supports mput -r) and transfer the files to the location you want them. take care that the files are owned by the webserver-user in the end. after that, run occ files scan (lookup exact syntax) to “register” the new files in nc’s db and transfer ownership to the desired nc-user.

I managed to import a FTP folder to the nextcloud files by adding the FTP directory as an “external storage” and moving content to my nextcloud folders.


Jep that’s the way you go if for some reason you need to upload the files via different protocol the NC clients/web ui or webdav.