Upload Error on IOS

Nextcloud version: NextCloudPi 21.0.4
Operating system and version: Nextcloudpi 1.47.2
PHP version: 7.3.31

The issue you are facing:
I am very new to linux and curently have a “copy/paste” working knowledge. I set up nextcloud pi with an usb drive a few months ago and it worked without issue.
I quickly ran out of space and now am trying to switch to a 2 TB harddrive. I can’t seem to get the harddrive to accept photo uploads from my IOS device (same I was using with the smaller usb). Every upload gives me an “error, waiting for upload”.
I formatted the HDD correctly and repointed the datadir, but still not working. What am I missing?

Second, since I have 16GB on the other flash drive of photos and videos what is the process to move them over to the 2TB drive? is there a built in function to NC to do this as I am sure it is a common thing.

Everything I have searched seems to use docker, which I have not looked into yet so I am not entirely sure what that can do for me.


I think you need some Linux knowledge to do this. Unfortunately, cut-and-paste commands are often not enough.

Copying data from one disk to another (mountpoint) should be one of the simplest basic functions here. You will also need to change the user permissions and tell Nextcloud to rescan all files.

What do you do when your Nextcloud breaks? You should either immediately build up Linux knowledge or switch to a Managed Nextcloud, iCloud or M365.