Upload Camera Roll Not working

I have nextcloud 12 installed on my FreeNAS 9.10. I’m using Nextcloud for IOS After having a problem with my nextcloud jail when trying to install APCu I tried a fresh install in a new jail. After I got it working I was able to go back to the original jail and fix it. Now I can’t get the camera roll to upload like it was before. I get an error creating subfolders which I guessing is why it doesn’t work. Not sure what is wrong but I’m guessing it’s a permission issue. Any suggestions on how to fix it?

I have only a couple thoughts. 1 is I am in the process of converting my system to FreeBSD and saw that APCu is broken currently. My other thought is to do a chown -R www:www of your nextcloud directory and its data directory if you placed it outside of the nextcloud directory. Then, cd to your nextcloud directory and run this:
sudo -u www php occ files:scan --all -v (where www is the apache username). Did you install Nextcloud yourself in a jail or did you use the FreeNAS prebuilt plugin?

@stratacast Thanks for the advice. It turns out my external storage was named photos which conflicted with Photos directory that I’m guessing the app needs to use for uploading photos. When I changed the name to FreeNasPhotos and start the upload whole camera roll it started to work. After uploading ~2500 photos it’s giving errors "automatic_upload_file_ transfer cancelled. Where can I find the error messages to see what the problem is?

Hey I hope you were able to find this out by now, but if you haven’t, you will find it in your Nextcloud’s data directory and it will be named nextcloud.log