Upload all photos stuck at 27xx photos left

In my iPhone I got 69xx photos/videos wanted to sync to nextcloud, I triggered the “Upload All” option but the upload process became slow and now stuck at 27xx pending to upload. I tried the close the app and relaunch, it resumed 2 or 3 items and then just sit there. I guess around 7000 items isn’t a huge number nowadays right? Any idea?

Using NC 12, iOS 2.17

so you got your files uploaded via WIFI or via mobile-plan?

because nowadays these photos reach up to 12+MBytes each, reconsider you had a 1GBytes plan per month, this would be about 85 pictures you could have uploaded.

some providers simply reduce the upload speed to 1KBytes after the regular plan and at the double of your “normal-plan” they cut the traffic to neccessary services (in their eyes) only - this would mean whatsapp, imap and so on.

please check this thing first.

For sure it uploaded in WiFi, and in iPhone the camera images were ~2-3MB each only.

and quotas? or something like a bandwidth-limitor on your router?

please provide your config.php and php.ini to check if there is anything wrong in it (and yes, remove the sensitive entries as well).