Upgrate problem from 16.0.8 to 17.0.3

Hello evrybody,

My Nextcloud is installed on a shared hosting.
I launched the upgrade procedure via the 16.0.8 updater. The process went well (no error message).
At the end of the file replacement process, I normally returned to the Nextcloud homepage. There, no page loads and the update doesn’t happen.
Should index.php be launched, or another file?

Thank you for your help.


Please check the log file your hoster is providing you.

I have access to acces.log.
What should I be looking for?

Error.log would be more interesting.

For error messages or other conspicuous messages.

I’ve enabled php error messages. When launching the URL of my site, I get the following error:
Fatal error: Cannot redeclare getallheaders() in /home/httpd/e/r/i/eric-jr/n.hfn.re/3rdparty/ralouphie/getallheaders/src/getallheaders.php on line 10
What is this file used for?

Hello @EricJR,

please use search engines and use the support of your shared hosting provider.

For this specific message I cannot help you.