Upgrading NC Box


This is a plea for help to re-enable my NC Box to the latest NC RPi solution with the WD HDD. The NC Box gave me a valuable lesson (& assistance) in effortlessly sync’g files between different OS desktop platforms. At a personal level, I’m more interested now in installing the current RPi supported NC using manual methods (obviously with official NC scripts).

In doing so, I’ve run into a basic problem after adding the HDD. Using the original NC Box hardware, I installed Raspbian Buster, Apache and PHP (will worry about MariaDB later, SQLlite is fine for my initial foray). Here are the commands (with corresponding elevated privileges) that I used to enable the HDD (after the partial LAMP install but before attempting to run any NC script) to get /var onto the HDD:

mkdir /home/var
mount /dev/sda2 /home/var
cd /var
cp -ax * /home /var
cd /
mv var var.old
mkdir var
umount /dev/sda2
mount /dev/sda2 /var

Append to /etc/fstab
/dev/sda2 /var ext4 defaults 0,0

I’ve tried UUID and PARTUUID with corresponding values in /etc/fstab with no improvements.

The issue that I am running into is that the following command raises an error:
**apt** update

Error: Timeout was reached

and then processing continues but obviously many upgrades are not being installed. I have checked the access to the list sites and all respond to ping with less than 200 ms turnaround.

I understand that the simplest answer would be to use an existing RPi supported NC image but it would be very helpful if someone would be kind enough to explain the mistakes in my steps above to transfer an already created /var folder from the RPi SD card to the HDD and not fail with update/upgrade operations. Many thanks.

Kind regards.