Upgrading from OC 8.2.x to NC 10.x or 11.x

Hello everybody!

I have a rather old version of Owncloud running on a shared hosting system. We use it in our company to exchange files, but also appointments and contacts. It has served us quite well in the past - which is why I haven’t gone with the updates thus far. Every update always bears the risk of data loss and having to do overtime to get the whole thing working again. :wink:

Because of the increased functionality of NextCloud 10 or 11, I wish to upgrade the old installation. I have upgraded a NextCloud 9.0.52 installation to 10 recently and that was very painless, although I had to apply the “little hack” in the configuration file. I’m guessing that won’t be quite as easy in the case of OC 8.2 to NC 10.x or am I mistaken?

My plan would be to upload the current version of NC manually (via ftp). But will the new version be able to adapt the database or will it mangle to data in there? I would of course make a backup of everything, but restoring from backups is a pain and therefore I’d prefer it if everything went smoo, :smiley:

Are there any tips or lookouts for update of this magnitude?

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This seems to have worked already :slight_smile: . Then I would recommend to also upgrade to nc 9.0.55 first, nc 10 afterwards and nc 11 at last.

Having worked on upgrade automation on Nextcloud,
I confirm you can only upgrade from one major version to the next.
So from OC 8.2 only NC 9.0.x is available

In theorie, It could also be possible to upgrade from owncloud 9.0 to nextcloud 9.0.x/10.0.x

For example I upgraded from oc 9.x to nc 10.0.1 without any problem, following the same guide. But I would always recommend to follow some path that already worked here, documented in the forum.

But here again the official migration information: https://nextcloud.com/migration/
According to this officially ownCloud 8.2.x -> Nextcloud 9.0.x -> Nextcloud 10.0.x and then if wanted nc 11 is the way to go.

Hey, nice link !
I didn’t know this page,
I do not see a link in the menu from the main page to access it. :confused:

Yes I also just remembered it as mentioned somewhere here in the forum.

From my point of view there should be some link to it from the download section and in admin manual, as migration is still a common way of getting in touch with nextcloud. More and more the production systems become migrated where especially stability and reliability of the upgrade process is most important.