Upgrading from 26.01 to 26.02, it has been 24 hours and still in maintenance mode

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Nextcloud version _26.0.1
Operating system and version _(eg, synology-docker)
PHP 8.0

The issue you are facing:

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Steps to replicate it:

Upgrading from 26.01 to 26.02 has been in maintenance mode for over 24 hours, as shown in the log in Figure 1
Modify ‘maintenance’=>false to access, and the following prompt will appear at the end

Set the log level to debug
Enable maintenance mode
Repair MySQL collation steps
Repair information: All tables already have the correct collation ->nothing to do
Repair SQLite autoincrement
Repair log steps: Copy data from accounts table when migrating from ownCloud
Repair log steps: Drop account terms table when migrating from ownCloud
Updating database structure
Database updated
Update the app 'cadviewer' from the app store
An error occurred.
Please reload the page.

docker 容器运行日志链接

Files smaller than 100gb
The log has been running continuously, I don’t know if it’s because the file is too large and requires a long wait before the automatic upgrade is successful, or if it’s due to other reasons that the upgrade cannot be successful

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PHP INI DIR:/usr/local/etc/php
APACHE CONFDIR:/etc/apache2
APACHE ENVVARS:/etc/apache2/envvars

Correct the environmental error description in the post. Previously, upgrades were normal

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Did you try to disable cadviewer in occ and then run occ upgrade (in terminal):

occ app:disable cadviewer
occ upgrade


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This method seems feasible. Currently, the cadviewer may be stuck. May I ask if the disable command in the synology docker is

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root@e8f24567cd25:/var/www/html# occ app:disable cadviewer
bash: occ: command not found

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You don’t have to pay anything for Nextcloud, but the price is that you have to read the manual thoroughly:



Thank you very much. You must disable it first before running the upgrade to succeed

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