Upgrading from 12.0.3 to latest (15.0) stable release

I’m still running on NC12.0.3 on a shared host server. I’d like to update it to 15.0.0 and would like to know the safest and best way to go about it.

Do I need to update to each incremental point release between 12 and 15? The updater is showing my the next update is 13.0.8 which implies it wants to go through incrementally.

If I just unpacked the NC15 file in my NC directory preserving the data/ and config/ directories would it cause issues with the DB? I assume there have been some changes to it’s structure / tables over the previous updates. My guess is that this will not work.


I recommend the incremental updated, because there are some intermediate changes to structures etc.

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Thanks. That’s what I’ll do.