Upgrading 15.0.13 -> 17.0.1


I created a new Ubuntu 18.04 with NC 15.0.13 and copied the content and database from my old NC server.

After verifying that it works with v15.0.13, I then went to Settings and upgraded it to 16.0.6 (as it recommended.)

After that, I verified the content of files, users and apps.

I went back to Settings and upgraded to 17.0.1, but after that, the website disappeared (404).

I couldn’t find out what went wrong, so I repeated the whole process again, but it didn’t make any differences.

On the second go-around, I took a snapshot with each step of the way, in case I made a typo…but upgrading from 15.0.13 to 16.0.6 is just a couple of mouse clicks and upgrading from 16.0.6 to 17.0.1 are essentially the same mouse clicks…

How do/can I troubleshoot this?

Any suggestion/assistance is greatly appreciated!

Did you have groupfolders installed as an app?

What happens if you through cli run occ upgrade?

Hi, thanks for the quick reply.

Yes, I do have “Group folders” installed/enabled

…and as a matter of fact, I just ran manual procedure of upgrade of NC17.0.1…everything looks great, but at the end, still “404”… :frowning:

If you do it again. See if it makes any difference to disable groupfolders before you upgrade to 17.0.1 i had a problem when that one was enabled.

I disabled it on a seconds server and after the upgrade i enabled it again.

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NO WAY! that worked…

Do I then “Download and Enable” Group folders now?

I did “Download and Eable” Group folders, but I don’t see it under “Your Apps”…will look into this tomorrow.

I never removed mine completely i just disabled it in nc 16 and then updated and reenabled it in 17.

I have it working on loads of nc 17 installations so it should work.