Upgraded to NC18 + OnlyOffice/Documentserver, cannot load Documents

Hello everyone,

I could not find an answer to this exact behaviour yet. I am a long time user of NC, using a shared hosting Provider. Yesterday I went up from NC 17.0.3 to NC 18.0.0 and also installed the OnlyOffice and DocumentServer Apps.
When I use the + to create a new Table for example, the file itself is created, OnlyOffice loads up (i see the whole OnlyOffice GUI after a few seconds) and then in the middle of the screen a loading circle keeps spinning and telling me that it is loading the file now. But it never tops and it sits there for an hour+ until I close the browser tab.

For further testing, on the same platform, I did a fresh install of NC18 with all my Apps, to get the same installation like I have it now. The only difference is, that my “production” installation was upgraded along the way and the test installation is a fresh one. On the fresh one it works flawless.

I think there is something in the old installation that makes problems, but I cannot figure it out. Using the Browser Debug Console, I can not see any error messages. And since it is a shared hoster, I cannot access any logs on the “linux machine”.

I always upgrade manually by removing anything but the config and data folders. So it has to be something either in one of those folders or within the database I can´t figure out.

Any ideas what I can look for in my case?

Any help is appreciated very much :slight_smile:

Today I upgraded to 18.0.1, hoping that my problem will “just go away”, but of course it did not :wink:

Does anybody know how to debug this when using a shared hoster? I suspect that the problem happens within OnlyOffice while loading the file from NC. So I would assume that I can debug this locally, but the Browsers Debugging Window gives me no clues :frowning: