Upgraded and now have no menu items!

Giving up on it after 3 days is very unstable

The easy way to fix is to backup your user data and the database and reinstall. It’s the shotgun approach but reliable. If you need help figuring out commands post.

Thanks @Mass

Strange thing I was running it on a sub domain (nextcloud.domain.com) for 3 days then when I updated it crashed. I reinstalled it still wouldn’t work moved the domain to another server no joy. Then I installed it in a directory on the original server (domain.com/nextcloud) and all is well! even the calender is working. Not sure if I trust it yet will give it a couple of weeks and very slow to login to.

Bizarre. Are you confident there was no issue with caching? A complete reinstall, even in the same domain/directory shouldn’t reproduce an error like that.