Upgraded 12.0.3 to 12.0.4 page files broken

I’ve upgraded from Nextcloud 12.0.3 to 12.0.4 from cli (updater.phar and occ)
Everything seems work find except on the page files.
The display is broken and the message “The files you are trying to upload exceed the maximum size for file uploads on this server”, so there is nothing to upload.
In php.ini memory_limit = 50M, upload_max_filesize = 50M, post_max_size = 50M

Tnx for help and best regards

Likely not related, but the memory limit is how much ram you give the server. 50M is not very much.

Jason, tnx very much for your advice even if not solves the trouble.
I’ve increased to 128M.

For info:
Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server 7.4
Apache 2.4.6
PHP 7.1.10
MySQL 5.7.18 on a remote server

What is the size of the file you want to upload?

I’ve solved by cleaning cache of the browser.

Thank you and best regards