Upgrade without ssh and without browser


my Nextcloud installation doesn’t work anymore after my webserver provider upgraded php from 7.2 to 7.4. If I try to log in to Nextcloud, I get the following message:

This version of Nextcloud is not compatible with > PHP 7.3.
You are currently running 7.4.12.

I guess that a Nextcloud upgrade would fix the problem. Since I can’t log in, I can’t use the browser functionality to do an upgrade. Unfortunately, I have no ssh access to my webserver (I would have to switch to a more expensive account). So upgrading via ssh also isn’t possible.

Is there an alternative approach to to an upgrade? Otherwise I probably would delete my Nextcloud installation and just reinstall it.

Nextcloud version: I don’t know how to check since I can’t log in

I also couldn’t find information about OS or Apache version of my webserver

PHP version is 7.4.12

The only recommendation I can give you is to ask your provider for help to get the problem fixed.
As usual the quality of the support and available functions is directly related to the amount of money you’re paying for a service. You should really think about subscribing to a more expensive account, especially if it comes to reliability, data security, backups etc. :wink:

Switch to version 7.3 so PHP will be compatible. :+1:

Switch to version 7.3 so PHP will be compatible.

Since I don’t own the webserver I don’t think I could do that.

yeah, probably I will upgrade my account to have ssh access. Most of the extras I won’t use and it would triple the price, but having ssh-access makes everything so much easier.