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Hi all! Nextcloud upgrade question: I have an NC13 install. The NC upgrader does not work and I do not have sudo rights for the server, so I installed a new instance -NC15 -via the cpanel Installatron app. I tested (Notes only) with my old laptop by adding a new account to the NC settings. Notes synced to my new NC15. Hopefully if I add the NC15 account to my newer laptops and phone all data should sync. My question is though; if I delete my NC13 will this affect the NC15 account?? Can I upgrade/transiton from NC13 - 15 this way or is there a better procedure? Thanks!

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Or - As my new install of NC15 is working - can I just change me settings on the desktop & phone and point then to my new cloud, so my new cloud will just sync up the data from my desktop & phone? Just abandon my NC13 - do not incorporate it at all!

Yes, you can do that.
Please open new topic for other questions. Thank you.

Upgrade with new account complete.

I went the route of creating a new account (and keeping the old account) on both my laptop & phone.
Two issues:

  1. My notes app on the laptop would not upload. I eventually found the settings in QOwnNotes and had to change the directory to point to Nextcloud2, the newly created account and not the older NexTcloud. This was in addition to also adding the new Nextcloud URL/Username/password in QOwnNotes in a seperate section.

  2. I copied the calendars in KAddressBook Nextcloud folder/calendar into the new folder/claendar. They would not sync with the server. I had to download the calendars as .ics files from the original NC13 and upload them to the new NC15. The calendars then downloaded to laptop and phone.