Upgrade to PHP 7.4 in NCP docker


I have the current warning after updating NCP to version 1.46.9 last week:

Nextcloud warning:

I’m running NCP in a docker.

How can I make sure PHP is updated in the docker NCP without messing in the host system?

Hi, which Docker release of ncp are you running?

I’m on the latest ncp version 1.46.9

Do you know which Docker image you are on? Asking because it was updated in the last week.

Ok, i see.
Docker image that I have is maybe 6 or 8 week old.

The NCP updates itself but to update the docker image, I have to do the normal procedure of stopping container, remove image and restart container.

I’ll try that, since no-one else seems to be complaining about the same warning on php version.

@just You were correct, after updating the Docker image to the latest, the warning about being on PHP version 7.3 disappeared.
all good now.