Upgrade to Nextcloud 15 some apps are not working yet

I wanted to update via web updater from 14.04 to 15 today. but I have some apps displayed that are not yet. is that bad if I still make an update now and what happens then with the apps. are they deleted or deactivated?


If you upgrade, your incompatible apps get deactivated and you cannot activate them again unless an updated version releases for them. Saved data from these plugins will remain intact, but you cannot use the features they offer until you upgrade to a compatible version.

If you wonder how it looks like, here:

The ones with the “Enable” button disabled are deprecated plugins that do not work with NC 15.0.0. I cannot activate them since the plugin is not compatible.

— If you are one of the experimental kind —
If you want to try if a plugin works anyway on NC 15.0.0 and enforce the activation, you could change the plugin’s minimum Nextcloud version in the shell manually. After that, you can activate the plugin. But don’t do this on a production environment, as this could end badly. It may actually work with that way.

Ok Thank


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