Upgrade to NC 14.01 - Lucky Guess

I admin two personal NC installations: My own, and a colleague’s. I checked on my colleague’s the other nite and noticed that it was saying that the upgrade to 14.01 was ready and recommended. I did the web based upgrade and all went well, other than a few apps no longer worked which is not a huge deal for them (yet, passman becoming up-to-date may be an impediment). All in all, a painless process.

(Note: both NC servers are running on Ubuntu which is kept updated on (a minimum) weekly basis. The systems are basically equivalent.)

I then checked my NC installation and found that no upgrade was listed as available. (this was before I found out about the 20% at a time roll out.). So I cast about for why this might be and found that if one switches to the beta channel, one will then find that 14.01 is available. I did so.

I then proceeded with the same update process that I had on my colleague’s NC instance. However,after the upgrade had finished, and at the point I was redirected to log into my NC instance and finish off the upgrade from there, I got a message stating that there was an ‘internal server error’. So I started checking a few things.

The first thing I checked was the config.php in the (nc)/config directory. Oddly it still stated that I was at the previous 13.x version. I looked at the nextcloud.log file and found it incomprehensible due to it’s verbosity, though I did tial it and watch as my reload attempts failed. So… I took a shot at the ‘occ upgrade’ command. It ran without error and my next refresh on my NC instance worked just fine. I did have to do the
sudo www-data php occ db:add-missing-indices’ routine, but that worked just fine.

I got passman working by changing the apps/passman/appinfo/info.xml file. (change
<nextcloud min-version=“9” max-version=“13” />
<nextcloud min-version=“9” max-version=“14” />
…and that sort of fixed things…

Simple enough. That was not really required for me because even though passman did not show up in the NC interface, passman web extension continued to work, which is what is really critical to me.

I switched the upgrade channel back to ‘stable’ and called everything good. Further use has proven flawless, everything seems good at this point. Except for a few extensions, 14.01 is up and running for me. I have parsed through some of the log files and found nothing that I recognize which would have cause the initial problem.

I did not know where else to post this. I hope it might help someone else who’s heart about stops when the upgrade to 14.01 fails. The above approach worked for me…


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