Upgrade to 21.0.1 disables many apps

The upgrade was successful, but the following message was displayed at the end.

When will Nextcloud be releasing compatible versions of these critical apps ?!?

The following apps have been disabled: bruteforcesettings (incompatible), files_accesscontrol (incompatible), files_automatedtagging (incompatible), groupfolders (incompatible), twofactor_totp (incompatible)


There is always a reason why the update functions in Nextcloud shows incompatible installed app versions IN ADVANCE! Next time you should postpone an update until all requirements have been matched :wink:

If you want to know when comptable app versions are published, you should first open the app store and check if the Nextcloud version is really unsupprted at the moment.

Next you should navigate to the app repository, e.g. of the bruteforce settings app, and check if the incompatibility problem has already been addressed and if a workaround is provided.

Third you can try to activate the incompatible app in the Nextcloud app menue and check if it is running although the max version number isn’t matching yet.

@j-ed Well actually it didn’t show anything until after the entire upgrade process was complete.

If it warned me before starting then of course I would not have run the upgrade !

Poorly designed upgrade process. It should check and warn about pre-requisites before it starts.

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Yes, it is poorly designed! (not with normal users but with sysadmins in mind who check all the github repositories all the time)

In reality, most - if not all - apps are indeed compatible, at least in such minor updates. Just click on “enable” and everything will be fine. That’s at least my experience with previous minor upgrades

Sorry but this function exists for years now :wink:

Settings > Management > Overview > Version


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No @j-ed !

You misunderstand.

As I am sure you are well aware. There is a nice upgrade tool built-in.

That tool runs 99.9999% of the upgrade process automatically. For most use-cases, all you need to do is click two buttons throughout the whole process.

That is where an automatic check for pre-requisite plugin compatibility should occur and people should be warned before it continues !

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Indeed @nomad .

Added to which, most sysadmins are (a) busy people (b) only humans.

I don’t think its too much to ask that the upgrade tool should not allow a two-click upgrade when there is plugin incompatibility. It should force you to disable the plugin in a separate step before upgrade if you really want to upgrade !

You can always suggest it as a feature request on the official GitHub (GitHub - nextcloud/server: ☁️ Nextcloud server, a safe home for all your data)

As you said it yourself, everyone is just human.