Upgrade to 20.0.2 destroyed my installation

Today’s upgrade to 20.0.2 produced an internal error. The logs showed problems with writing to some directory and some OC File error. I was so angry I deleted the whole nextcloud directory and droped the database table since I didn’t have important data on it.

This is not acceptable! It has already happened several times before. I managed to fix several dead upgrades a bunch of other times.

Have you read this thread carefully?

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What are you using now instead of Nextcloud?

In my case, I always upgrade manually successfully since owncloud 6.0 (about 2013), before nextcloud fork. My instance still works perfeclty on 20.0.2.

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I had problems also, but I fixed them. Nextcloud 20 looks pretty good.

am closing this as there’s no help wanted and no further information given.
@shimonabi let go of some pressure and now everything is good again, I think.

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