Upgrade to 15.0.6 downloads 16.0.0 Beta 3 available


I am having an issue with the web updater. I click on open updater and click start update, it downloads 16.0.0 :frowning: You can see the first few lines of the updater page below.

I am on Debian Buster using Apache and Mysql

Current version is 15.0.5.
Update to Nextcloud 16.0.0 Beta 3 available. (channel: "beta")
Following file will be downloaded automatically: https://download.nextcloud.com/server/prereleases/nextcloud-16.0.0beta3.zip

You are on the beta update channel. Switch to stable or production to avoid installing beta releases.

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When I upgraded my 16.0 Beta 2 to Beta 3 by the web updater, after the upgrade it failed the file integrity check. When I click on the documentation link
I get the message
File not found.

I set my channel to production, but it looks NC will notify a newer version from stable channel.

My prev ver was 14.0.6. When the job of updating via production channel to the latest 14.0.10 was completed, NC again notified me that a newer version of 15.0.7 was available.

Seems production channel and stable channel were somewhat mingled?