Upgrade path for old Nextcloud

For those of us who occasionally get stuck on older versions of Nextcloud (eg: I am upgrading from 19.0.4 because something something upgrade php means upgrade OS means it’s not a quick upgrade anymore) is there some sort of roadmap for upgrading from 19.something to 21? I feel this is important since we all like to be on the latest version if we can!

And I ran into this exact problem here:

Where I learned that version 19.0.9 is AHEAD of version 20.0.0 (which, naively, I did not realize). However 20.0.1 is ok. Fun fact, 20.0.3 seems to be too far ahead from 19.0.9. So you need to go 19.0.4 → 19.0.9 → 20.0.1 → 20.0.8 → 21.0.0.

If this is what’s required, that’s fine. I’m not asking you to change how you develop nextcloud…this issue only affects admins, we can deal with it. However, it would be nice if there were some reference. Maybe a chart or table showing where the “major” upgrades are. Maybe even just the "where can you jump from 19.x to 20.x type of thing?

I feel that this reference would help save both time and frustration on NC admins everywhere. If this already exists, where would one find it?

Thanks :smiley:

Normally you go from NC 19… → latest NC 19 → latest NC 20 → latest NC21

OH! I assumed it was first, not latest. That explains why I was so confused!!