Upgrade Nextcloud 14 : PHP Mail doesn't appear anymore

Hello Guys !!

I’ve upgraded my nextcloud instance this morning, and sadly I see that I can’t use the PHP Mailer, it doesn’t appear as a possibility anymore.
Here’s a capture :slight_smile:

Anyone got an idea ?

Thanks you guys !

PHPMailer is not supported anymore. See https://github.com/nextcloud/server/pull/9791

You need to install Postfix on localhost to configure SMTP

and if you have a working postfix installation, how do you get nextcloud 14 to recognize it? All I get is smtp as an option. If I add sendmail to config.php, nextcloud errors out.

Hi, I tried some things but I didn’t figure it out for now.
Tests :

  • try with a working mail server with my own domain (in course) DONE
  • try to use a generic mail server as gmail or some others **** (seems to work fine)

EDIT : It works fine with smtp on my own domain.

like in this screenshot: