Upgrade MySQL because of NC 21?

I have Ubuntu server 20.04.2 + NC 20.0.7 snap 1
Installation of Nextcloud is via SNAP as I mentioned above.

I found this message in Security & setup warnings:

  • MySQL version “5.7.33” is used. Nextcloud 21 will no longer support this version and requires MySQL 8 or higher.

What do you recommend to do?


Hi @vawaver,

Please follow mysql: upgrade to v8 · Issue #1626 · nextcloud/nextcloud-snap · GitHub for further resolution.

Greetings, szaimen

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@szaimen thank you for your answer.

If I understood correctly: We do not need to do anything regarding this?
The upgrade of MySQL will be done automatically from the Nextcloud when it will be updated to Nextcloud 21.

i think that the snap will take care of all the necessary requirements as a matter of course, but it would be good to get confirmation from someone who knows better than i do.