Upgrade message

When a new version of Nextcloud becomes available, all clients give a notification “Update to Nextcloud n.n.n is available”.

I have my doubts if it is useful that clients show this message. End-users that just make use of the cloud services in general have no interest in server versions. But, most important, they cannot do anything with this information. Only the system administrator can perform an upgrade.

So I suggest to remove the message from the clients, or make it configurable and disabled by default. System admins can then enable it in their own clients if they want.

in the other hand, a user may reach the admin to kick is ass when he notice no update are being done …

This is the " two side of the knife edge " problem.

Still I don’t think that ordinary users should be involved in software issues.

The last thing I want as an admin is to get several messages from customers asking me to upgrade something they really have no idea about.

ummm… my users don’t see such messages… maybe because i have defined who is allowed to see those under admin-account setup…

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Yay! That’s it. I had it set to ‘users’…
Thanks for the tip!

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