Upgrade from NC 13

I have a home installation that I’ve neglected. I started with Debian Jessie and Nextcloud It would seem I made a mistake by upgrading the OS first… stepping to Stretch and then to Buster while checking Nextcloud at each step. I was fine until I finished the “apt-get dist-upgrade” to Buster at which point the site was unavailable.

Based on this thread, it would seem related to the PHP version change. Though I am happy enough to upgrade NC manually, I am concerned that the older occ upgrade scripts (13, 14, etc.) will have trouble with PHP 7.3. I could use a little guidance before I proceed and make things any worse.

By the way, just to confirm that I’ve understood… I am intending to first upgrade to 13.0.12 and then to the last dot release for each major version in turn (14.0.14, 15.0.14, 16.0.11, etc.). Is that right?


Yes that’s correct.

Yes that is the tricky part. You need to run a supported version for each upgrade. So I’d first upgrade as far as possible with debian jessie. You can check in the documentation the supported versions.

Thanks for responding!

To clarify, I am already on Buster with NC still at 13 hence the concern. I was doubting how to move forward from here. I guess the trick now is to install older versions of PHP to move me along the NC path. I welcome suggestions, but will start looking at how to do this.

I’m making progress, but I’ve hit a snag.

Thankfully, Buster already includes both PHP 7.0 and 7.3 so I’ve set the update-alternatives to use 7.0 for php, phar and phar.phar. In theory, this should allow me to run the occ upgrade per each version’s system requirements.

However, Buster doesn’t include libapache2-mod-php7.0. Step 10 of the guide (V.13) states that apache should be restarted and then I should run occ upgrade in step 11. Is it strictly necessary that apache be up in order to run the occ upgrade script ? Or is that normally simply as good a time as any and not a true requirement?

Not idea, but I also won’t be able to login to the web UI to validate versions, etc.

Feedback most appreciated!

For Nextcloud itself, it should be ok to run just the command-line upgrades. I’m not sure about the apps, if some of them do stuff during upgrades and what happens if you haven’t logged in. But I suppose you have a backup so you can go back to the initial version. If you go just with command line, you should go through all the upgrades pretty quickly