Upgrade from 24.0.8 to 25.0.2 web update non-simple to continue

When using the web updater to upgrade from 24.0.8 to 25.0.2, at the point you get back into the application to continue to the update, on a 1440p screen the list of apps that will be updated overflows off the bottom of the screen with the “Start update” button missing somewhere below it with no scrolling possible.

The body at this point at least has the style ‘position: fixed’, which prevents the body from being scrollable in this case. Disabling this style in dev tools allows the page to the scrolled, the remaining content can then be seen, including the “Start update” button.

The page should probably be scrollable to work on smaller screens or where the list of items is long.

Hi @dkt

Not something I ever encountered. But if you want to let the developers know about it, it would probably be best to open an issue on GitHub…