Upgrade from 20.0.5 to 20.0.7


I am running into issues when upgrading my nextcloud install from version 20.0.5 to 20.0.7. It gets stuck on the Replace entry points steps. I looked at my web console and noticed I was getting two errors when I clicked on retry update.

(index):455 POST 500
performStep @ (index):455
7 @ (index):578
startUpdate @ (index):674
retryUpdate @ (index):697
document.getElementById.onclick @ (index):725
(index):363 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘toString’ of undefined
at escapeHTML ((index):363)
at 8 ((index):601)
at XMLHttpRequest.httpRequest.onreadystatechange ((index):451)

Also, I am running my nextcloud install through the plugin on TrueNAS.