Upgrade from 18.0.2 to 18.0.3 do not work

I think the webupdater is bad. He do not work on different systems.
I also think the normal update “… php occ upgrade” do not work.

How can i upgrade from 18.0.2 to 18.0.3 with command line access?
The systems think there is no upgrade.

Nextcloud community … please improve the upgrader.
Please send me a good documentation for upgrades. Thanks.

Have you tried switching the update-channel to “Beta”, reloaded the backend site and switched to “Stable” back again? As the updates are rolled out in stages, it may take some time until the new version (which can then be seen by the command line updater) is available for your installration.

I did the upgrade without any problems - from the first initial setup with the first Nextcloud version 9.0.58 I had just one update error over the time and did (mainly) use the web updater. Doesn’t need to mean anything, but I think in general it’s safe and good to use this way.

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