Upgrade from 17 to 18 web-updater crushes on hosted installation

Hi, I use NC on a hosted System.

Using the web based update from 17 to 18 destroyed my Installation:

Fatal error : Declaration of OCA\FilesAccessControl\Operation::validateOperation($name, array $checks, $operation) must be compatible with OCP\WorkflowEngine\IOperation::validateOperation(string $name, array $checks, string $operation): void in /is/htdocs/wp1057506_NOPX36RWZR/www/nextcloud/apps/files_accesscontrol/lib/Operation.php on line 31

Any tip to fix this?

Best Regards


P.S. this is the second time that the web based updater crushes my System!

there was already someone with a very similar problem:

If you are the second one, the bug report could be an idea. Closing here as duplicate.