Upgrade from 13

Hi, I am using NC 13 on Ubuntu 16.04.06 LTS (local MySQL backend)
I would like to upgrade… is it better to first upgrade OS and the NC, or viceversa?
I am not using “deb” package; I manually installed NC through .tar archive.
Thank you very much for your suggestion!

How many users does your NC instance have and how big the data folder size?

With this large a gap - v.13 to v.19 - I’d try new installation of NC and use/data transition…

Hi, I have 37 users and data folder is about 600 GB.
If possible, I’d prefer an upgrade to minimize downtime.
Thank you

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Then upgrade. Download version 14 and go up to 19 one version at a time. Assuming there are no database incompatibilities it should work.

Personally I would nuke the install and recreate the users but it’s up to you.


IMPORTANT: If you upgrade your server from one major Nextcloud version to an other, please keep an eye on the used PHP version. Older Nextcloud versions doesn’t support up-to-date PHP versions, so it is worse to always keep the PHP version aligned to the ones, supported by Nextcloud.

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I think Nextcloud 19 is the last version you can use Ubuntu 18.04 LTS without PPA for PHP as follower of your Ubuntu 16.04 LTS version. You must not only dist-upgrade to 18.04 between NC 13 and NC 19 (i do not know the correct release), you also must dist-upgrade to 20.04 for NC 20 in a few month.

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Hi, thank you all for your answers.
Let’s say I would try reinstallation from scratch.
I can install a fresh Ubuntu 18.04, a fresh NC 19 and… then? Simply overwrite /data and /config?
I imagine this could be a problem (I will have /config from a very old release), correct?
In case, how can I manage this?
Thank you again for your suggestions

If you reinstall from scratch you must install Ubuntu 20.04 LTS (not 18.04 LTS) and Nextcloud 19. Perhaps it is possible to export the users and import them in the new Nextcloud. You also can use your old 600 GB storage and rescan them. The really problems are all data stored in your MariaDB like shares, contacts, calendar, groups, …

The best and securest way is to implement a new system and activate the system after all works fine.

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